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  Amari Dixon is a Northern California native whom was born into a military family and raised in England during her early childhood. Her eclectic style and eye behind the camera are certainly a product of her broad cultural experiences.


Growing up on the streets of Southside Chicago colored her world and opened her mind to find beauty in everyone and on every corner within the city.


After graduating from Columbia with a degree in Photojournalism, Amari began her journey of capturing the world through freelance work in Chicago, Las Vegas and California.


She developed a keen eye for translating everyday life into scintillating imagery that tells raw stories of humanity from all walks of life. In recent years, the majority of her work has captured this generations civil rights movement and the harsh realities of oppression facing everyday Americans.


The magic of Amari behind the camera is that she helps you see beauty and truth in flaws and the

weight of the human spirit.


Amari Dixon is a freelance photographer currently residing in Los Angeles, Ca. Amari’s unique flair allows her to capture once-in-a-lifetime moments and form a lifelong connection with her audience.

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